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UK flag number plate design confirmed for overseas travel from 28th September

29 September 2021

Department for Transport welcomes BNMA’s proposal

DfT welcomes the BNMA proposal for UK plates in order for them to be compliant with international and domestic law for the purposes of the display of the national identifier. They have confirmed this as being the default design and specification.


What do the plates look like?

The specification for the UK flag plates was created by the BNMA, including the sizes, fonts, colours and layout of the flag, and is seen by the Department for Transport as the default design.

This shows:

  • The letters ‘UK’ in royal blue, matching the blue in the Union Flag.
  • The Union Flag (also known as the Union Jack) in landscape in specific colours.
  • A background that is the same colour as the number plate (white for front, yellow for rear) except for green flash plates, where the background area behind the flag can be the same as set out on green number plates.

Like all other flags and flashes, the flag must be positioned to the far-left side of the number plate.

*Note: UK vehicles travelling in Spain, Cyprus and Malta must still show a UK sticker, regardless what plate(s) they have.

How can I obtain UK plates for my customers to drive overseas?

BNMA members can supply number plate outlets registered with DVLA with plates and components meeting this UK flag plate specification, just like your usual number plates.


Can we still supply England, Scotland and Wales and Union Flag plates with GB initials?

Yes, these are still perfectly legal for driving in the UK, but are not a national identifier for driving overseas.


What if I want to drive overseas but don’t have or want a UK flag plate?

As an alternative, you can drive overseas with a UK sticker on your car. GB stickers must be removed and covered over.

What plates were previously allowed for overseas travel?

  • Prior to January 2021: GB EU plates 
  • January 1st to September 27th 2021 inclusive: Union Flag and GB initials 


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