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Research and Testing

Resistance to corrosion

A corrosive saline solution tests plates for corrosion effects such as moisture ingress.

Did you know?

Moisture ingress is a technical term for water finding its way into the layers of a plate's construction.

It can be clearly seen on plates as stains develop over time, looking like black icicles working their way from the edges into the plate.  Aside of being visually unappealing, it can cause a plate to separate (known in the industry as delamination) and/or prevent human or ANPR reading.

How are plates tested?

A saline solution is misted over a plate for almost 230 hours in total, with intervening drying times.

The test specifies how the saline solution must be made.

 What makes a fail?

  • Signs of corrosion
  • Signs of water having entered the plate (moisture ingress)