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What our members can offer motor traders

3 October 2018

Members of the BNMA are trusted number plate manufacturers who only supply the best quality products and services nationwide.

Trusted manufacturers of number plates

Our members are established number plate manufacturers who have been supplying the trade for many years. They have the greatest understanding of the industry and can offer the highest level of support and advice to motor traders nationwide.

British Standard Compliant Materials

Each of our members has on-site facilities for manufacturing both number plate components and ready-to-fit plates. Every product must pass stringent legislation including the British Standard BS AU 145d and quality-control standards such as ISO:9001(2018).

Our members will also be the first to know of any legislative changes, including the upcoming change to the British Standard BS AU 145e, so they can continue supplying compliant and reliable products to the industry and its motor traders.

DVLA Guidance and Advice

BNMA works closely with government bodies to define and understand any legislation affecting number plate manufacturers. The BNMA is responsible for sharing information with their members, for them to make their customers aware of any number plates changes and updates.

Motor traders can rely on BNMA members for the latest industry news knowing it has come from a trusted source. 


If you would like to find out more, click here to see who are members are or contact us here