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Legal plates and stickers for driving overseas changing from GB to UK

8 September 2021

From 28th September 2021, drivers going outside the UK must display either a Union Flag + UK initials plate, or UK initials sticker.

This article is now obsolete. Please refer to the latest article: 





Please note the images shown may not reflect the final designs as we are still awaiting a confirmed specification.


The government has recently announced that from September 28th UK drivers going overseas to most countries will need to display either a UK initialled and Union Flagged plate on their vehicle, or a UK sticker.   


GB + Union Flag plates will no longer be suitable after September 27th

Previous to this, UK vehicles could travel overseas with the the Union Flag design but with GB initials underneath.


What do I do if I have a plate or sticker with the GB initials on it? advises to cover a GB sticker over and to accompany a GB plate with a UK sticker.


I'm a registered outlet, how do I order UK plate materials?

Contact your BNMA member manufacturer to discuss options available to you.


There are exceptions - watch out!

If you're driving in Spain, Malta or Cyprus, you must display a UK sticker regardless what you have on your plate.


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