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Green number plates - coming from December 2020

21 October 2020

Announced in June 2020 by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, green plates are planned to be rolled out from this autumn, 2020.

Further to the details in the consultation response, Government officials have now (29.09.20) confirmed:

  • Government is seeking to lay legislation in November so as to introduce the plates into law in early December 2020.
  • They intend to stipulate the retro-reflective green (flash) background (on the left hand side of the plate) to be colour Pantone 7481c or a colour match that is as close as possible to this colour.
  • The idea behind green plates is to make it easier for Zero Emission vehicles (ZEVs) to be visually identified, raising their awareness and supporting wider uptake. The green plates will also help local authorities visually identify ZEVs for the purposes of locally led policies and incentives, and local communication and awareness campaigns.

It should be noted that until the above change is introduced, the green flash is not a legally permitted design. More details to follow when available.