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Supplier details

Did you know plates must be 'permanently and legibly marked' with the name and postcode of the supplying outlet?

At the bottom centre of a plate, the supplier's details must be shown in a clear and legible way.  The print should be non-retroreflective and should contrast enough with the colour of the plate to be visible.

Must do's: 

The supplier details must show the following, matching the RNPS:

  • the supplier's name
  • the supplier's postcode

The RNPS is regulated by the DVLA and UK-wide enforcement officers visit customer's premises to check plates are meeting their requirements.


Must not do's:

A plate must not show:

  • website address (unless this is is the sole trading name of the company)
  • telephone numbers
  • logos

Alternative advertising options

Lipped plates are an ideal alternative to advertising on number plates while remaining within the British Standard and RNPS regulations.