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Supplier details

Did you know plates must be 'permanently and legibly marked' with the name and postcode of the supplying outlet?


My potential supplier of new number plates tells me that scanned or photographed documentation is perfectly legal, is this correct?

No. New number plates can only be supplied to consumers after the outlet has seen original documentation proving the vehicle ID and person’s ID.

At the bottom centre of a plate, the supplier's details must be shown in a clear and legible way.  The print should be non-retroreflective and should contrast enough with the colour of the plate to be visible.

Must do's: 

The supplier details must show the following, matching the RNPS:

  • the supplier's name
  • the supplier's postcode
The RNPS is regulated by the DVLA and UK-wide enforcement officers visit customer's premises to check plates are meeting their requirements.

Must not do's:

A plate must not show:

  • website address (unless this is is the sole trading name of the company)
  • telephone numbers
  • logos

Alternative advertising options

Lipped plates are an ideal alternative to advertising on number plates while remaining within the British Standard and RNPS regulations.