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Legal advertising: Lipped plates

A practical solution to advertising on a number plate, lipped plates come in one piece.


Can you clarify the situation regarding ‘lipped’ plates? Are they legal or illegal to supply under the new standard BS AU 145e?

The Statutory Instrument (SI) introducing the standard sets out character spacing etc. based on research undertaken by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) on behalf of DVLA. As long as plate designs meet these criteria they are permitted.

Lipped plates are a practical solution for motor traders that still wish to advertise because the advertising is outside the legally-controlled part of the plate design.

The exact shape of the lip varies slightly by manufacturer but usually allows for 12mm x 400mm or more of advertising space.



Images thanks to (from top to bottom, alphabetical order): Bestplate, Gould Group, Hills, Jepson & Co.