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British Standard BS AU 145d

The current standard on number plate construction: BS AU 145d has been effective since 2001.

BS AU 145d was brought in because number plate design and quality was considered uncontrolled.

It was a big change from the previous standard, BS AU 145a.

Some of the key changes related to 'd' included:

  • increasing the weathering test from 1,200 hours to 2,275 hours.  PET, which was previously suitable for UK number plates under BS AU 145a, no longer passed the British Standard.
  • introduction of the impact and bend tests
  • reduced advertising space
  • borders reduced to a defined size.
Find out more about the 9 tests that must be passed to meet BS AU 145d by clicking here.

BS AU 145d is still effective today, with the new BS AU 145e standard expected to become effective in 2019.