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Optional fixing guidelines

Adhesive pads are recommended as the preferred fixing method, but screws and bolts are still allowed.

If you wish to drill and screw a number plate, we recommend following the below instructions outlined in the British Standard BS AU 145e.

1. Securely clamp the plate

Use a piece of wood to pass the drillbit right through.

2. Drill from the film side of the plate

On an acrylic plate, drill from the rear.

On a non-acrylic plate, drill from the front.

3. Ideally, use a drill bit designed for the material

Drill bits suitable for acrylic and aluminium have different lip angles.

Make sure your drill bit is sharp to prevent tearing the reflective.

4. Set a drill speed of 2,000rpm

This speed is suitable for a hole diameter of 6-7mm. 

5. Carefully remove all sharp edges after drilling

This is for your and other motorists' safety.