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Becoming a number plate supplier

Motor traders can be fined up to £5,000 for not registering with DVLA. To avoid this fine, we recommend following our guide.


How can I become a number plate supplier?

To legally make or sell number plates, your company must be registered as a Registered Number Plate Supplier with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

To register online, click here. Alternatively, you can download a V940 form from the bottom of this page and post your application.

If you have multiple sites within your business, you will also need to complete and submit a V940/1 form. The secondary (V940/1) form can be downloaded below.

All Registered Number Plate Suppliers can be found by searching the postcode here.

How much does it cost to become a number plate supplier?

£40 and one simple form.

Did you know motor traders can be fined up to:

• £5,000 for making plates if you are not registered with DVLA
• £2,500 for making non-British Standard plates (and/or banned from making plates)
• £1,000 for not keeping records of number plates you supply (and/or suspended from the register)

To prevent these fines, we recommend following this guide.


1. Become a Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS)

Register with DVLA and get your Supplier Identification (SID) number by downloading and completing form V940 (for one business) or V940/1 (for extra outlets).

It costs a one-off fee of £40 and takes about 2 weeks.

You can download the forms to register below.


2. Choose a manufacturer to supply your plates

Our members can supply plate components and systems for you to make plates on site, or made-up plates so you can either resell or fit the plates there and then.


3. Keep the right records

As an outlet, you’re obliged to keep records of plates you supply, recording the ID of the person collecting plates and proof of entitlement to the registration.

Usually this will be a driving licence and V5C Logbook but many other forms of proof are acceptable.

DVLA audits RNPS registered suppliers during enforcement visits and can fine you up to £1,000 / and/or suspend your licence.

Our members offer software that helps you keep records quickly and simply, in compliance with DVLA.


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