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Our mission

Promoting the interest of British number plate manufacturers and raw material suppliers.

Our members manufacture over 95% of the number plates on UK vehicles.  As both a safety feature and a vehicle identifier, we understand the importance of getting number plates right.  After headlights, a number plate is probably the first thing a motorist sees when approaching an oncoming vehicle.

Our aim is to work with our members and other stakeholders to make sure that number plates are as practical as possible from a security, operational and usage point-of-view.

We aim to:

Promote our members' interests

Our first and foremost aim is promoting the interests of our number plate manufacturing members.  We want to make sure that number plates is a sustainable industry for all into the upcoming and distant future.

Remain at the highest standard for quality and compliance

We aim to maintain our lead on quality and compliance with the British Standard and other key pieces of legislation affecting our members' customers.

Raise the profile of number plates

We work closely with stakeholders in the macro and micro-environment such as other associations and government bodies to gain mutual understanding of one other's requirements and find the best solutions for all.