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Our members

Our members only supply British Standard materials to the industry and advise their customers on all things number plate.

British Manufacturing for the British Standard

Customers of BNMA members are assured of the best quality British products and services. Each member has on-site facilities for manufacturing both number plate components and ready-to-fit plates. Every product must pass stringent legislation including the British Standard BS AU 145e and quality-control standards such as ISO:9001(2015).


Sharing knowledge from Government

In addition, the BNMA works closely with government bodies to define and understand any legislation affecting number plates. It passes that knowledge to its manufacturer members so motor traders will be always be aware of the latest plate updates and any changes.

All our members supply nationwide and work closely with their customers to feed back any industry or legislative concerns to the BNMA so the BNMA can act on their behalf.

BNMA members (alphabetical order):




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If you’d like to know more about any of our members, click on their logo to go to their website.