Definitive advice: sharing our knowledge.

The BNMA works closely with government and industry bodies, so our members are the first to know of any changes that could affect number plates. As a result, they can advise their customers the latest industry updates, best practice in building number plate business and how to assemble number plates.

For traders that are new to number plates, they advise on everything from start to finish, from how to become a number plate supplier right through to how to legally advertise on plates, legal fitting methods and how to keep records to DVLA’s requirements.


British manufactured products: legitimate components, quality controlled.

British number plates are made from some of the toughest number plate components in the world.

The UK standard is strict and detailed, with 8 (soon to be 10) extensive tests proving the plate meets the comprehensive requirements.

As British manufacturers, our members understand the number plate standard for British number plates inside-out. All members submit plate constructions for independent testing and each plate must pass all the tests in full to meet the new BS AU 145e standard. This ensures that all plates in the market manufactured by BNMA members are fully compliant with DVLA and DVSA rules.

For example, in the case of the new BS AU 145e standard, multiple samples from every member were submitted over one year in advance of the standard becoming law, so customers of our members can be sure of the highest achievable standard; higher than is currently required by law.

In addition, members manage quality using systems such as ISO:9001(2018) and day-to-day checking operations that routinely screen for quality concerns.


In brief

In short, our members advise you definitively what’s legal with number plates, will only supply you with the right standard of products and will advise you how best to use plates.


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